Pedro Proenca
Birthday: 1970-11-3
Stature: 180cm
Nationality: Portugal
On field position: Chief Referee
Hometown: Lisbon
Profession: Financial advisor
Languages: Portugese
Hobbies: Skiing, Reading and Writing

Pedro Proenca Oliveira Alves Garcia is a Portuguese football referee.

Proenca has refereed a number of notable matches including the Supertaca Candido de Oliveira, Taca de Portugal finals, Taça da Liga finals, as well as the final of both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA European Championship becoming the first referee to overview both finals of the main European competitions for clubs and national teams in the same year.

In 2006–07, Proenca was named as the Portuguese Referee of the Year. He was promoted to UEFA's Elite category at the start of the 2009–10 season. On 22 June 2011, he was named as "Best Referee" for the 2010–11 season by the Portuguese Football Federation. In January 2013, he was voted by the IFFHS as the Best Referee of 2012. And he is on the short list for the 2014 World Cup.

Born in Lisbon, Proenca is a financial advisor.